Lovers and Friends

Yeah, I'm kind of obsessed with these people.


You can see where I get my rugged good looks.

My Mom also happens to be my current roommate and most likely the best one I'll ever have.  She's probably the sweetest and most kind-hearted person you'll ever meet and puts my organization "skills" to shame.  On a normal day, you'll find us lounging around reading a book (her) and watching House Hunters International (me) or walking our hyperactive pooch.  If we're feelin' a little crazy, we may run down to Myo for some fro yo or hit up a play in Carmel.

My Peggy Sue-ue-ue-ue-ue-ue-ue

My Dad currently lives in Bend, OR living the dream.  He has something like 20 acres and I've been begging him to get a horse but for some reason he doesn't want to pay for and clean up after a horse I'll only see once every other year.  My dad is probably the greatest listener and one of the most passionate and compassionate people I've ever met (I am not at all biased).  Although I don't get to see him as much as I'd like, when we do get together we like to go hiking, eat delicious food, and wine taste like champions.

My dad, sister and I hanging out with Uncle Ed, the hippest 90 year old Texan you'll ever meet.  Ignore the awkward shoulder-touch pose.

My Sister Laurel is my life.  We had our ups and downs as children (basically caused by me being trying to imitate her every move) but now she is my best friend.  You could put us in a room with a broken plastic spoon and we'd still find something to laugh about for 20 minutes straight.  She currently lives in LA owning the hotel industry, but I'm sure she'll get another promotion soon and move right back to Monterey to live with her beloved sister (right, Lauribear?).

A rough start.

See? Now she copies ME.

Izzy is our dog and yes, she does qualify as family.  My mom and I adopted her last October and she has been keeping us on our toes ever since.  We think she's half beagle and half terrier but she thinks she's a Great Dane.  She's made of pure energy and muscle and loves nothing more than to run amok and explore.  When she finally gets tuckered out or gets bored with us (more likely), she makes the most amazing lap dog until she finds somebody or something with food.

Don't let her fool you, she only looks  innocent because she was sedated after getting fixed.

Home Friends

Thick as thieves since circa 1874 
Pictured: Nick, Meee, Lauren, and Rachael

I've known these little munchkins since middle school (and beyond) and boy have they been a lifesaver.  I swear I wouldn't have survived the first 18 years of my life without them to save me from the depths of despair (formally known as adolescence).  Lauren and Nick also moved back to Monterey last year, so we have been having a ball taking the 2 city bars by storm and making general idiots out of ourselves.

Fortunately and unfortunately, Nick just made the move to San Francisco to be a real person. Luckily for Lauren and me, Rachael also happens to live in S.F. so now we can head up there to kill 2 birds with one stone.  (Rachael and Nick will be acting as said birds, although I will try not to throw stones at them.)

Berkeley Friends

Bear's Lair, Home of Beat the Clock (ie drink beer while it's cheap)

Yeah we party in our PJs, what of it?

When I went to college I had no idea that I would meet so many amazing people!  I've made great friends (both from my sorority and beyond) that are the most fun, caring, and hilarious people you'll ever meet.  Graduating and moving out of the sorority house was a huge transition as I was no longer living in a 24 hour slumber party and had to pretend that I was an actual adult.  I miss all of these people terribly and try to see them as often as I can, but sometimes life gets in the way.  I'm hoping we can continue a tradition of a bi-yearly VEGAS trip as they are just way too ridiculous to put off.

Sidenote: I had to go through my pictures a million times before selecting these because I wanted to be sure to include everybody!  Alas, I am not perfect (contrary to popular belief) and I know that some people are missing but they are still every bit as important to me.  If I forgot you, please let me know so I can slap myself in the face and then put your picture up here pronto.