Thursday, June 30, 2011

Creepin' Round the Clinic

Thursdays are physical therapy clinic days, which is essentially 5% helping therapists and 95% creepily peeking over their shoulder trying to see what they're doing. Today was the first day I was there for the full 6 hours, so I was able to see a whole slew of patients.

My lurking face. Also pictured: my professional attire.

My first patient was a little old girl that literally has 4 times the amount of eyelashes I do...when I'm wearing falsies. I didn't know it was possible to be jealous of a 4 year old but apparently I'm the exception to the rule. We got to kick things over and jump on the tramp(oline) and pretend that I wasn't an old fogey trying to be 5 years old again.

A picture of me at the clinic today.

One thing that really stuck out with me today was the lovingness of 2 of the husbands caring for their wives. Both women were severely disabled and required much care and attention, but the men treated them with as much love and care as if they were newlyweds. One man (who was wearing a very sweet USA leather jacket, might I add), refused to leave his wife's side for 10 minutes until she gave him a kiss goodbye. Now that's what I call love, my friends.

Now that I'm done being all sappy I'm gonna go grub on some salmon straight from Peggy's Kitchen. I think I've earned it considering I spent a long day on my feet trying to follow the physical therapists at a relatively creep-less distance.


Exhibit A. These babies are gold.

Ladies, do you/have you worn false eyelashes? Are you a fan?
When I met my boyfriend I happened to be wearing fake eyelashes. He makes fun of me all the time, saying that his friends called me "eyelashes" for 2 weeks straight until I was worthy enough for them to learn my name. I say those puppies are what reeled him in.

Get all Oprah with me and tell me the best way to show somebody that you love them.
If you bring me fro yo just how I like it without it melting in the car, I will be yours forever.

Random Fact Attesting to my Weirdness (RFAW) #3: All of the slacks I own are too big for me, so I usually just safety pin them all caddywhompus until they look like maybe they weren't built for Andre the Giant. Today I was feeling lazy so I just rolled them and spent my entire day hiking up my pants like a true professional.

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