Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Power Yoga and Power Cleaning

After a long day of sitting on my bootay, sweating up a storm on my yoga mat sounds pretty darn good. Wednesdays are Power Yoga days with Stacy, which translates into a legit ass-kicking for me. For some reason I wasn't feeling like a 400 pound woman named Beatrice today, so I left the class feeling refreshed and pretty bad-ass.

Once I finished taking miss Izzy on a little stroll around the neighborhood, I decided it was probably time to start tackling the overwhelming mess that also happens to be my room.

Not too bad, right?


Oh, and don't worry, there's more in the garage.

First task: tackle the millions of letters sitting on my dresser. I am the worst with mail - I open it, read it once, and throw it somewhere to read all over again 2 weeks later. We're not just talking silly little things like overdue medical bills, this also includes items like my dad's wedding invitation (sorry, Dad - I'm sending in my RSVP right now!)

Random Fact Asserting my Weirdness (RFAW) #2: There are few things in this world I hate more than fitted sheets. You can't fold them or put them on without one corner coming off as you pull the other one over the mattress...grrrrr don't even get me started.

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