Monday, August 15, 2011

Healthy-Choices High

Have you ever noticed how uplifting it can be to reject nasty junk foods for healthier options? I'm not talking legitimate cravings - those are always meant to be fulfilled. I'm talking about those times when all you want to do is stuff your face until you feel like the Goodyear blimp and then some.

Today I found myself in the Trader Joe's sugar aisle looking for something sweet to devour. I didn't know what I wanted, all I knew is that I wanted something (hint #1 that this is not a legit craving). Here are some of the babies that caught my eye: (WARNING: Food Porn ahead!)

I literally walked up and down that aisle at least 5 times, taking me at least 10 minutes. I went down the produce aisle once, and this is what I ended up leaving with:

Healthy eating for the win!

Unlike the other chocolate-covered options above, I could eat as many of these as I wanted without an upset stomach, food hangover, or guilty conscience. The high that I've gotten from my inflated health-conscious ego is so much better than any sugar high ever could have been. Take that, refined sugars!

What is a healthy eating option that always puts you over the moon? Or is it just me?

What did you do this weekend? Tell me all about it!

Random Fact #21: Other than a few highlights, I have never died my hair. I think I just have a fear of 1) it turning an unnatural shade or 2) horrendous roots showing in like 3 days.


  1. You know what I actually love? Vanilla Almond Milk! It has just a little bit of sweetness and I can drink a glass or two and totally curb my sweet tooth...although, not gonna lie. Sometimes chocolate is just calling my name!

  2. I'm terrified to dye my own hair! With my luck it would turn green. Those Trader Joe's finds look amazing. I may have to make a stop by there tomorrow. Have you tried the S'mashing S'mores? So good.