Friday, July 15, 2011


Today is my sister's birthdayyy!! So naturally, I had to reserve today's post to serve as a photo montage of the past 26 years.

The day I was born, Laurel was caught on camera flinging her stuffed monkey around and whining that "we've got a problem."

Luckily she was able to stifle her hatred to take a quality studio photograph. Notice the worry in my eyes.

Soon, she noticed my natural charm and started to warm up to me. She began to teach me how to be a gangsta and sport dem stunna shades.

And, like a true big sister, showed me how to rock the 90's hottest fashions.

Laurel's always been an amazing entrepreneur ...

...But she hasn't always been such a beauty queen...(love you sis!)

Luckily, we both turned out alright in the end. (I don't know about you, but that last picture had me worried a bit.)

There are so many amazing things about my sister, but the #1 thing I love about our relationship the most is that we always always always find a way to have fun together!

This is the first time Laurel came to visit me in Berkeley. Disregard the scar above my lip - that's an entirely different story for an entirely different blog.

Stuntin' at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco - nbd.

New Year's Eve at the W is San Francisco. I ended up slapping a man on the wrist because he grabbed her and wouldn't let her go. Sometime's it's a tough job protecting such a hot sister.

And this was taken on my birthday when we went wine tasting with our Mom. I imagine Laurel's birthday will be just a smidgen wilder.

Now that I've completed my tribute to you, dear sister, let's have some fun!!



  1. What a sweet post to your sis, Happy B-day to her!!

  2. Thank you for the warm wishes :-)