Wednesday, July 6, 2011

San Diego: Days 2, 3, and 4 (In a Nutshell)

On Sunday morning I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to take in some serious snorkeling. After a filling breakfast surrounded by kids screaming into my ears, we packed the cooler and hit the road.

If you were expecting food, you obviously don't know me very well.

When we arrived, we were given our wet suits and snorkeling gear. I'm pretty sure the man mistook us for the lollipop guild because it took us a good 15 minutes of tugging and grunting to finally get our wet suits on.

My favorite little sea monkey.

Turns out I should have done my research because the water in La Jolla is not exactly snorkeling-friendly. The water was so cloudy the only animals we saw for the first 45 minutes were nickel-sized sea anemones attached to a floating piece of kelp. Of course, I still had to drag Daniel over to see them because there's no way I could go a whole snorkeling tour without doing something annoying.

After being tossed about by waves in a giant sea cave, we made the slowww trip back to shore. About 5 minutes after exiting said sea cave, Daniel and I started getting really sea sick. At the peak of my sickness I resorted to giving myself a pep talk to avoid throwing up in the ocean and possibly polluting the fish with the 800 biscuits I ate for breakfast that morning.

Apparently he didn't get the "look miserable" memo.

Due to all the nausea and such, we scrubbed the beach mission and decided to wash away our yuckies with some burgers (veggie for me) and beer. The rest of the day was spent sipping Bloody Marys, gorging on cheesy sticks and ranch, and passing out via food coma at 10 PM.

Day 2 may have been a bust, but nothing could hold us back on the 4TH OF JULY, especially because we were spending our day at the San Diego Zoo!!

AND, to put the icing on the cake, we had amazingly trashy outfits in honor of America the Beautiful. Notice the $4 eBay shirt sporting the slogan "World's Finest" with a tank, helicopter, and hummer donning the front.

Also Pictured: Frayed American flag shorts and Dan-Dan the Construction Man.

The Zoo allows free entry for active duty military and aquarium/zoo employees, so we got to visit for a grand total of $0, plus the cost of aforementioned fashions. I found an amazing fanny pack at Goodwill with enough cargo space for a small child and 2 water bottles attached. We couldn't just waste that kind of liquid space for boring ol' H20, so we loaded 'em up with Tinto de Verano (aka wine and Fresca over ice) and hit the zoo.

As you will see, we got a little camera-happy.

It seems that I was the only one excited to see a Capybara, the largest rodent in the world.

Daniel, being a rough and tumble construction worker for a day, had his heart set on the reptile room. I was convinced this puppy was drooling because he was ready to break through the glass and eat me alive.

After seeing this little guy nosh on some icy goodness, I just had to drag Daniel to get some of our own...

...Except ours came in the form of Long Island Iced Teas instead of monkey popsicles. Disregard the sweaty mess that is my face.

Way more effective than any "Stay back, this animal will kill you" sign

Daniel in the process of scarring little children for life (I didn't make him take this picture or anything).

The beautiful and majestic California Condor. Perfect choice as far as state birds go, if you ask me.

Yyyaaammmaa! (Also known as a Llama.)

Yet another stupid picture I made Daniel take with me. Notice the fanny pack of goodness.

When we got back to our hotel, Daniel decided to do his body good by fitting in an evening workout. I decided to do my body bad by laying on the couch, watching Hoarders, and scarfing down 2 vanilla fudge Drumsticks. Of course, I'd be the only person capable of gorging myself during an episode of the most disgusting show on television.

The next day it was time for us to say our goodbyes to San Diego and our hellos to the Interstate-5. For the next 12 hours. Luckily we had plans to stop and see my sister in LA on the way up or I think my head would have actually exploded.

I also got to spend time with my favorite ginger niece, Bailey.

The bad news: my vacation's over. The good news: Friday is only 2 days away! Bring onnnn the weekend.


What did you do for 4th of July? Did you hit any rip-your-face-off traffic?

RFAW #7?: I am obsessed with Fresca. You can never say no to the zero-calorie grapefruity goodness.

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