Monday, July 25, 2011

A Waste of a Weekend

I literally did nothing this weekend. Well, not literally, but it felt that way considering how busy I've been the past few weekends.

On Saturday, Daniel dragged my butt out of bed at the ripe hour of 11 AM to hit the gym. I had asked him earlier in the week to show me how to lift weights like a man instead of a pansy. The amount of weight I could lift was dismal compared to him, but I still got some good ideas for my own weight lifting routine.

Yeah, I pretty much look like this now.

The rest of my day was a waste until Daniel and I hit up Crystal Fish, an amazing sushi restaurant in Monterey. There was a motorcycle race in town so we decided to walk down to Cannery Row to see if we could find some biker freaks/get giant cups of fro-yo.

Ahhh, the sweet aroma of gasoline and air pollution.

Way too many people are into this.

We hit up the bars on Saturday night out of sheer boredom. I was hit on by way too many bikers but sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet for those free beers.

I wouldn't bite the bullet this hard.
P.S. I found this picture at Wow, Internet. Just wow.

Apparently I spend way too much time with my boyfriend because we also ended up getting hangover brunch at First Awakenings in Pacific Grove. The wait (albeit well worth it) was 40 minutes, so we decided to play tourist and go hang out with the smelly seals.

It's amazing how many cuteness points they lose once they get on land.

One Spanish omelet, a heap of potatoes, and an English muffin later and I was ready for a 3 hour nap. What good is Sunday if you can't use it to catch up on sleep from the last 7 days?


How was your weekend? Did you add anything to your workout routine?

What's your favorite brunch food?
I loveee omelets but sometimes I have to go for the WheatBerry Pancakes - pancakes made with wheat germ, topped with strawberries and whipped cream. Amazing!

Random Fact #17: I am obsessed with hummus - it seriously makes the BEST salad dressing.


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  1. Just saw your exercise log :) Don't you love seeing all of your workouts at once? It really motivates me to take less "off" days!