Friday, July 29, 2011

Bra-Snatcher on the Loose

I woke up this morning with this gem from my Mom hangin' out in my inbox:

Possible captions (as per my Mom's suggestion):
  • Izzy misses you!
  • Julia forgot to close her bedroom door :(
  • Trade you!
"Trade you" has become our favorite command as it is the only way to get Izzy to let go of anything she puts in her mouth. Of course, she's learned to milk the system by picking up anything and everything that may end in a trade for her favorite treat. Freakin' sneaky bugger.

Tonight I'm going to San Jose to hang out with 3 of my amazing friends from college. We've decided to get a hotel room for the night so we can get ready together and pretend that we're either still in college or about to hit up the Vegas strip.

The four of us during rush in 2007 (sophomore year!)
Left to right: ME!, Sarah, Kat, and Chelsea

Us during the last gameday season - Go Beers! Oh whoops, I mean Bears.

I am SO excited to see these little hoodlums! The schedule for tonight is looking like 1) get ready 2) get dinner 3) get drinks 4) get ridiculous. Not like it actually matters what we do considering we will find a way to entertain ourselves regardless.

After the craziness of tonight, we are hoping to head out bright 'n early to go to San Jose's greatest theme park...

Okay, so it may be SJ's only theme park, but it's still pretty bitchin'.

And then hopefully we'll be back at the hotel with plenty of time for loungin by the pool a la Caesar's Palace.

Ahhh, the good life.


What would be your caption for the above Izzy picture??

Have you ever been to Vegas? What is your favorite thing about the Sin City?


  1. I love Miss Izzy! Piper is still working on socks--she hasn't upgraded to bras yet :)

    I haven't been to Vegas, but Hubby and I are dying to go! We have a good friend getting married Vegas style next spring, so hopefully it will happen.

  2. I used to dance for my college's team and we had a competition in Vegas every year--25 college girls roaming the Strip was no bueno!!!