Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sugar Low and (Not) To-Dos

I intended this post to cover one of my favorite cookie recipes, but after downing a shameful amount of dough and a couple baked cookies (what can I say, I like it raw) my focus began to shift. All I could think about was how crappy I felt. Just an hour prior, I was literally frolicking around the house and jumping around like a crazy person.

Note: This is not me. Obviously.

After stuffing my face with refined sugars, fat, and salt, I started feeling sluggish, irritable, and just plain icky.

This is why I'm a dog person.

This got me thinking about how much our moods and emotions are linked to food. Usually any crap-like feelings I have after a pseudo-binge are feelings of guilt and disgust with myself. This time, however, I was only focused on how my body felt instead of beating myself up over something stupid like cookie dough.

The dough is not your foe.

For me - a girl that spent a majority of her adult life obsessing over her body - this represents a huge accomplishment. I have had lots of ups and downs trying to eat like a "normal person," i.e. no diets (never ever ever) and no forbidden foods. The fact that I focused on food as a total body/mind fuel, rather than something that is out to destroy me, symbolizes a huge step in the right direction.

And now that I'm done tooting my own horn, I'll take this opportunity to toot the horn of 3 amazing bloggers that I just found:

1) Chocolate-Covered Katie: I'm excited to try her amazingly decadent indulgences that are good for your body and won't leave you with that don't-f**k-with-me attitude.

2) Chef Katelyn: I have linked directly to one of the best blog posts I've ever seen: a How-To on showing the world how amazing you are. This is a huge step in overcoming any food demons that you may have and is really just so much more fun than hating yourself. Shake it if yo' got it gurl!

3) The Tie Dye Files: I just discovered this baby and I am loving it so far. She had an AWESOME giveaway yesterday, so I'm sure more amazing things are sure to come.

Beating Insomni-ahhh

Lately I've had so much trouble falling asleep because my mind has been occupied with all of the things I have to accomplish in the next 2 months, including my physical therapy applications and prepping for my trip to Peru .

Finally, I said eff you to insomnia and started to make a huge To-Do list, complete with little stars next to the most important things. (Don't make fun of my 4th grade tip, this is a huge step in my disorganized life).

The most important part, however, is my tiny NOT To-Do list scribbled at the bottom of the page.

Things not to do: watch mindless (HG)TV, eat my feelings, stress or lose sleep, procrastinate.

Whadya think?


What would be on your Not-To-Do list? Do you have any guilty pleasures that are taking up a little too much of your time?
I have been watching house hunting shows on HGTV non-stop and I actually got a headache from one yesterday. Could have been the wine (see below) or the cookies (see above), but I couldn't hear one more person talk about granite counter tops.

What foods make you feel your best? What foods make you feel like sh*t?

Random Fact #18: I love wine but I am wayyy too cheap to buy the good stuff. I've been in a loving, long term relationship with Charles Shaw ever since I turned 21 (and maybe a little before). You may know him by his nickname, "Two-Buck Chuck."

Only the classiest of ladies drink their wine on the rocks.

Me 'n my baby having a cozy night in.

P.S. I will be posting the cookie recipe, I just don't want those delicious babies to be associated with anything negative :-)


  1. A celebrity?! Oh pshhhh ;) Thanks for the shoutout girl, I had no idea you loved that post so much!!! <3

  2. Agh, HGTV gets me all the time! I love the landscaping shows...it's a problem.

    Funny you should ask about foods that make you feel awful. I had an acorn squash this weekend that annihilated me--like totally sick for 24 hours. How bizarre is that??!

  3. I can totally relate! Sorry you are stressed- I just decided to take a new job and move, so during the next month (at least) I'll be extremely stressed as well.

    My "what not to do list" includes staying up late worrying and thus, what I like to call "stress-eating"...aka standing in front of the fridge and picking at EVERYTHING! (mainly sweets though :)

    I have found that running really helps relieve stress, so I'll be doing lots of that!

  4. Awww! And LOLOL at the first photo. It definitely caught my attention!

  5. I totally agree that you have to eat to fuel your body!! This is something I'm majorly struggling with right now, since I've been taking some intense summer continuing education classes. Sometimes when we get busy, and should be taking care of our body the most, we take care of it the least!

    Wine, however, is never a bad thing ;)