Friday, July 1, 2011

New Open Sea Pictures...Oops.

I was a little lucky today and got to wake up at 6 AM to work the preview of the new Open Sea exhibit (formally the Outer Bay). I'm an idiot and forgot to bring my camera to take pictures of real puffins, so I decided to take a picture of these really cute fake ones on my puffin cup instead.

They're even cuter when they can move and are in 3D.

I also got to wear this really attractive shirt that's probably 18 sizes too big for me. I tried to take a picture of it but I really didn't want to be responsible for putting that kind of ugly into the world.

This trend is just getting ridiculous.

The best part of waking up at the crack of dawn was all the leftover food. I took it upon myself to help us go green by not wasting precious resources and ate my body weight in chocolate chip scones. Just doing my civil duty of giving mother nature a hand.

An amazing tradition that the aquarium has adopted is also monthly massage days which I fully take the utmost advantage of. The masseuse had to whip out her elbows, the karate chop, and a jackhammer but I think we finally worked through 1/20th of the knots in my back. I couldn't help feeling bad for her and wondering if she's ever massaged a giant bag of rocks before.

I'm guessing he'd be easier to work on.

And lookie there, it's already lunch time. Hot date with mom at the Bagel Bakery where the bagels are yummy and the people know my order by memory.

RFAW #5: I always walk through the aquarium quickly so it looks like I may be going somewhere important when in actuality I just have to pee like it's nobody's business.

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