Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Deserve a Medal

Izzy really picked a bad evening to weasel her way into sleeping in my bed. In a moment of ambition, I decided to go to a spin/abs class at 5:45 AM, meaning a 5:15 wake-up call for the both of us. When my alarm went off, she gave me a look that probably mimicked mine to a T.

"I knew you were crazy but this is just ridiculous."

The thing I like about working out in the early AM is that I'm usually half asleep the entire time so I'm not truly aware of how much my workout sucks until it's already over. My spin instructor noticed that my hips were too high on the bike and that I needed to lower it a touch (shocking considering that I was blessed with the shortest legs in the world) and OH MY GOSH did it make a difference!

Me before the switch. Except for that whole not being a man thing.

When I got home I had enough time to shower for the first time in like 3 days so I decided to whip out my newest 99 cent CVS purchase:

VO5 Moisture Milks Strawberries + Cream Conditioner!

I think I'm obsessed. I spent my entire morning smelling my own hair like a crazy person. Hey, at least I wasn't going around smelling other people's hair.

Mmmm...the best 99 cents I ever spent.
P.S. Told you I had man hands.

I was feelin' the strawberry theme this mornin' so I topped my regular plain yogurt/granola mixture with sliced strawberries. I think my Tupperware container was manufactured around the same time that our blender hit the shelves.

Everything looks better in turquoise.

When I was getting dressed I kept getting those really attractive foot cramps that make you look like you spent the last year experimenting with Japanese foot binding. I decided to hit the local 7-11 to pick up some electrolytes in the form of low calorie Gatorade and added that to my repertoire of liquid receptacles. Guess who's spent her entire morning power walking between her cubicle and the ladies room?

Liquid overload? It's a definite possibility.

Random Fact #14: I get really irritated when people call me by the wrong name. Ex. Julie, Juliet, Juliana, Sharea (which I have been getting a lot recently...) See my twitter for details.

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